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Discover - Things to do Around Cape Town

Activities Within The Cape Town Area

Clifton Beaches (listed beach 1 to 4) is the heart of Cape Town’s beach scene and Clifton 1st Beach is 15 min walk or 7 minutes by car only 2.4 km, (1.5miles) from Q on First Villa and with pulsating the energy of the bronzed and beautiful. It’s a place to see and be seen, with itsy-bitsy bikinis, G-strings and designer sunglasses the order of the day. While topless tanning is not frowned upon, total nudity is best saved for Sandy Bay. Just offshore, a few yachts lying at anchor in the clear blue waters add to the exotic flavour. Clifton’s four dazzlingly white beaches, separated by outcrops of granite rock, are the most sheltered in Cape Town.

This means that Clifton can generally be relied upon for perfect conditions in summer, even when the wind chases people off other beaches. Temperatures can soar on the back beach, but down near the water’s edge the icy sea has a welcome cooling effect. Here, on the hard, wet sand, more active types work up a sweat with beach bats and Frisbees, periodically taking a refreshing dunk in the shallows. Others prefer a quick shower to cool off when roasting in the sun gets uncomfortably hot. Vendors ply the beaches selling snacks and drinks, so it is possible to spend a few hours on the beach without wandering far.

Clifton Beach

1st Beach where many of the locals and old-timers go, is the least crowded, but lacks the cosy atmosphere of the other beaches as it is overlooked by exclusive beachfront apartments.

2nd Beach is considered the place to go for a few hours in the sun without too much hype.

3rd Beach is a popular rendezvous spot for gay men.

4th Beach is usually packed with trendy people but is also frequented by family groups, being closest to ablution facilities and parking areas. Clifton 4th Beach is a blue flag beach and one of South Africa's most popular and sought-after beaches.

Visited by stars and the famous, 4th beach at Clifton is the in-scene. One of a series of small coves, 4th beach is on the Atlantic Ocean side of Cape Town. Be warned, the water is always icy-cold.

Clifton Beach

Various environmental programs, including interpretive signage and lifesaving training will be implemented on the beach.

For the other beaches, it is possible to park along Victoria Road and walk down steep stairs to the beach - although given Clifton’s popularity, a free space is invariably hard to find. Even at the end of the day, parking is in short supply, because as the sun seekers depart another surge of people arrives for sundowners, beach volleyball and other al fresco pastimes.

Boulders Beach is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders, from which the name originated. It is located in the Cape Peninsula, near Simon's Town towards Cape Point, 1hour drive and about 45 km, now although this is your destination it is what your about to experience on route that is really important.  Travel from Q in Fresnaye, and drive along the scenic route of the 12 Apostles to Houtbay, don’t forget to buy fresh fish at the fish market close  to The Mariners Wharf.  If you don’t feel like cooking or barbeque the fish then make your way to Kalk Bay Fish & Chips the fish is good and the service with a smile, don’t expect fine dining here. Best to just go with the flow, order your fish and chips and enjoy it on the small tables, you will love the food, take a stroll down the small harbor wall, and if your lucky spot the seals in the water, be careful they’d bite. Visit the Antique shops and more in Kalk Bay before departing to Boulders Beach.

Boulders Beach

Enjoy the beach and the penguins, and making your way back home drive past Muizenberg beach.
Remember to take your camera with there is so much photo opportunities in this region of the Western Cape.  IF you’re a surfer this is the beach to be, if not take a stroll and enjoy the scenery. Never walk on empty beaches at late evenings or at night for your own safety.

Muizenberg Beach

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Welcome to Cape Town.

Discover some of the best eateries In Cape Town that the locals loves

When traveling I found that the best eatery is where the locals eat, you experience much more that the high street restaurants.

In Cape Town you are truly spoiled with choices, and the best of all they have lots of wine and amazing good wines. Click here to experience what locals love.

Cocktails and sunset followed by dinner and a historic setting, you’ll be surprised it all worth it. Ons Huisie – Bloubergstrand   Click HERE to follow link

Garden and Food all organic see it grow and taste it enjoy the wine that is served grown on the wine farm, set aside the whole day to enjoy the lovely vegetables gardens.

Babylonstoren  - Franschoek region – wine lands, click HERE to follow the link.